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Slow Artist brand born out of the passion of its founders, Tania Tarrega and Esther Segura, for expressing themselves, for the current trends and the meaning of their adventures and travels.

The belief that a fairer and more environmentally friendly way to make and buy fashion is possible, has encourage them in this project, which is created with ethnic fusion and international calling.

Slow Artist team consists mainly of women and under a sustainability concept, cooperation and ethical values, since the relationships and linkages are essential to show that vital woman. Slow Artist wants to bring back the textile artisans which brimming talent and creativity in every corner of the world, revealing their traditions, full of imagination and originality, weaving the world and just showing you what we are.

Organics, Green and recycled. We made a huge effort to use fabrics that meet the standards and the most prestigious certifications in the market GOTS and OEKO-TEK organizations. High quality and long-lasting fabrics to inspire your look.
“Because it’s possible to save the planet in style”

We strongly believe in the human sense of the free trade. Slow Artist social side is really keen on doing fair trade and microcredits projects in several countries in Latin America, North Africa and Asia, where we would like to help to all these women to be economically independent, keeping their culture and traditions and of course respecting human rights.
“Global Vision & Local Flavour”

Recover the traditional form of weaving, sewing and pattern each garment to pamper them and all the details it’s critical to Slow Artist. We give them the value and importance they deserve for their dedication, artist women living their life transforming fabrics, patterns and textures, reinventing what irreverently invented to capture a personal style, and giving prominence to those women who historically have made our clothes.
“They moving the world”

Slow Artist has a strong commitment with trends, interesting places, discovering, meeting people…..We’d love to bring you emotions to your routine and leave a track on. Our garments are comfortable with ethnical fusion, indies and bohemians touches, which make you feel special, giving unique personality. We care about the attitude our clothes transmit, to help you to express what you really are.
“With capacity to dream”

We are proud of saying we produce locally. Our garments are 100% made in Spain: design, production and distribution. We turn out crazy looking for the closest supplier and it’s not always easy. Because we believe in the talent of our people around we want to be accomplices to young people and give them opportunities. Building networks.
“Made in Spain, of course!”