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Jeans or denim… you can call it in many ways but carry it out in myriad styles.

 After 40 years of life, denim is, and will always be, contemporary. In fashion, it takes over many garments… The greatest and not so great designers have opted for what, in the 19th century, began being a fabric to work and workers due to its resistance. Its discoverer, Levi Strauss, of course!


There’s no distinction, and everything (or almost everything) is allowed: flared, skinny, loose-fitting trousers, with holes, shorts, shirts, jackets, dresses, vests, dungarees and even accessories sneak in all the streets, catwalks and closets all over the world.


We declare ourselves to be “denim-maniac” and the evidence is that it was our first inspiration with the collection Dream Collection to which today we pay this tribute and offer you the opportunity to wear one of our jackets made with GOTS certification and, as always, with lots of LOVE.♥

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Six jackets with six styles that can now be purchased at excellent prices through our website. OurDream collection is for all ages and always with a common denominator, being sustainable and social. Our colleagues at Gansos Salvajes, a magazine dedicated to contemporary and real women, show our model Origen in its edition no. 5.


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