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We start a new year and good intentions and positive changes in our lives take centre stage. Have a healthier life, slim down, be more eco-friendly, go cycling or traveling are part of our new plans. We love new resolutions, enjoying good times, running away from the standards and embracing the real things. Today we feel like you do and therefore we suggest tips, places and ways to feel better and start 2016 in the best way.


Invest in fashion, much better if it is sustainable, take seriously who and where you go shopping, look at the label on your clothes, do not pollute your body and choose your clothes well. Slow Artist is precisely the brand you are looking for; our garments convey purity, respect, value and transparency.


Take a healthy life, change from precooked dishes to glass jars, the latest trend in “foodie” is to take your homemade lunch or breakfast. Think on what you eat! Always rich, healthy and local food. They stay fresh, and when cooking them with water, their flavour doesn’t change. The trick is on the stratification of ingredients. Sauces and wet ingredients deep down (shrimp, chickpeas, frozen peas, surimi, corn, etc.), then vegetables or leaves, finally… the noodles, crispy tortillas, rice, quinoa, couscous, etc.


Go on a getaway to an eco-friendly accommodation, integrate yourself in nature and feel the respect and admiration in a hotel in sustainable architecture. Enjoy a unique prefabricated design without leaving the comforts in the hotel VIVOOD Landscape Hotels. A place to escape. A place to stop and reacquaint yourself.


We wish you a year filled with opportunities and illusion, in which emotion and desire to move forward come first. Slow Artist will continue working, creating and growing so that together we can be more respectful and try to capture all what is beautiful and not so beautiful from fashion in a fair and necessary way.

Happy 2016!


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